Reflective Heart

Yeah, cheesy title I know.  Most of mine are honestly, usually a fairly obvious play on words and not much else.  I’ve got no excuses other than I put most of creativity into the visual side of things, not the written.

So I was somehow reminded of a Valentine’s Day shot I did a while back and decided to post it on Flickr.  It was one of several I submitted to Fotomoto (which was accepted) for their Valentine’s day theme gallery.  It got me thinking that I should do a few more Valentine’s Day themed shots and put together a small gallery before the holiday for people to use for e-cards and greeting cards.

After that my creative eye was on the lookout for heart shaped objects and other things of that nature.  It wasn’t long before I noticed our coffee mugs had handles that were a beautifully shaped 1/2 heart.  I immediately started running through different ways in my head that I could use these for a shot.  I wanted to setup a couple of mugs so that their two handles came together and made a heart shape.  As you can see from this photo the physics of that are well… difficult if not impossible.

I thought about shooting through the handle of one with the second in the background to see if I could roughly line them up that way, but no dice.  Had a few other fruitless ideas too including just straight up breaking the mugs and raping them for their handles. Not such a great idea since we just bought them and the wife would kill me.  I was almost ready to give up when for whatever reasons I thought about using a mirror and a single mug instead of two.  I had a clear concept now I just needed to execute it.

I browsed around the house for an appropriate mirror but none could be found easily so I ended up pillaging the one in our mostly unused downstairs bathroom.  Check out the BTS video below for more info.

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