Fun with Food

Had a rare opportunity tonight to properly shoot some of my wife’s delicious food.  With two sons under 4 and under it’s pretty difficult to even remember what the food looked liked before it hit the table.

Shot with my very cheep but decent (when stopped down) Tamron 70-300mm and on-camera flash bounced off the ceiling/well this shot was only slightly adjusted in Lightroom.  I dusted this lens off while doing some research and experimentation for my latest lens purchase… a Canon 100mm f/2.0.  It’s an amazing lens, from what I see and read online anyway, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive.

The presentation in this piece (and the subsequent one) could be a lot better but it was thrown together on a whim right before I sat down to eat it and well, I know jack about food presentation 😉  In my excitement and rush to shoot it I also failed to realize there were carrots prepared and feta cheese in the fridge I could have added to the pasta salad.  Both would have added some extra pop to the photo.  Maybe next time.

Fun with Food

Doing this quick shoot reminded me of another food shoot I’ve been meaning to do a post about.  In the interest of time I will just throw it in here.

Shot the following in the same fashion to the above with the exception that I used white card stock as a backdrop and it was shot with only bounce light from the flash, no natural light as the above shot.  It really deserves it’s own post because it encompassed much more prep and lighting work that the above shot.  Hopefully I’ll find the time one day and do it justice with a proper write-up.

Sunday Dessert

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