First off-camera multi-strobe shoot



Did some quick shots for a company newsletter today and it was my first real opportunity to play with an off camera lighting setup that involved more than a single flash. The female subject below was actually just assisting me with the setup and we fired off 3-4 quick test shots for gauge the lighting. The shot turned out so good that I decided to keep it and in fact I like it a little better than the ones with the intended subject. The intended subject works in computer security hence the vault door as the backdrop.

Strobist Info:

Dropped my old (free) Pentax AF200T behind the subjects and positioned my trusty Canon 430EX in front to the lower right. Purposely left it bare (no diffuser, bounce, etc) for a harsh dramatic effect. Sure the lighting could have been positioned better in a few respects, but it was mostly an experiment and I think it turned out pretty good considering I took less than 5 minutes to set it up.

Please excuse the adjustments they were done on my Macbook screen quickly. If I have time later I will rework them a little once I’m back at home on my HP2475w.

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