Bowlin’ (Teaser)

Breaking the silence!  I’ve been spending a lot of time with the family and dealing with some unexpected life challenges (such as a concussion), thus I haven’t been actively lately.  That’s all changed in the last few weeks as I’ve been shooting like mad. I’ve got a long list of exciting blog posts queued up but for now I’ll leave you with a with a teaser for something a little out of my norm, a ‘lifestyle’ shoot of the creation of a handmade wooden bowl.  I know, sounds boring and strange but the final subject is just so fantastic I had to shoot it and share it right away. More photos of the creation process will come but for now here is the final piece in all it’s glory.

I’m a sucker for rustic things and the character of this piece is absolutely fantastic.  Running your hands along the gnarly yet finished features it’s unlike anything else.

Finished Bowl

The light was provided by bouncing the on camera flash (a Canon 430EX) off the white side of a large handheld reflector.  That’s it.  Clean and simple.  Post-production done in Lightroom 5.2 RC.

Stay tuned for more photos from the shoot and more exciting blog posts.

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