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Put together some 3 point lighting for a car shoot for a friend of mine who runs Enhanced Auto Works.  This is his personal project car and we were attempting to create a portfolio of sorts to submit to a car tuning magazine.  They ended up rejecting the photos as they were too ‘artsy’ (my words not theirs).  They were looking for something simpler that showed of more of the cars details.  We have tentative plans to re-shoot but not sure when.  Will try and post a follow-up if it happens.

Strobist Info:

Had intended on taking a shot of the setup and jotting down all the settings but forgot. Here’s what I remember.

  • (1) 430EX bare behind the car, pointed at car and bounced back onto shipping container.
  • (1) 430EX camera right in 20″ softbox angled along the car.
  • (1) 430EX w/built-in diffuser camera left above the car. Handheld pointed towards front wheel area.

All strobes triggered with Yongnuo CTR-301p ‘ebay’ triggers.

Here’s the before and after of the car…

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